Our mission at TeamWorx is to facilitate extraordinary experiences that stimulate personal growth and team development. TeamWorx focuses on Human Capital Development where we use adventure as a powerful catalyst to excite, motivate and unite your people. Adventure related experiential learning or AEL is described as a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skills and value from direct adventure-related experiences and in-depth reflection. Often an adventure experience without proper facilitation remains just an adventure experience and not a learning/life changing experience.

Team Adventure


Often all the team needs is some time out of the office together, having fun and bonding. What better way to do this than to share an adventure that will keep the conversation going around the campfire at night, back at the office and for years to come. As you can see from our adventure page we have a number of adventure activities that your team can choose from. These can be done as a stand-alone activity or let us put together a package including two or three activities.

Team Canopy

Team Canopy

Combine a morning of AEL programs focusing on fear and how it limits our ability to function effectively as an individual and in a team context. Then have lunch and enjoy the spectacular Magoebaskloof Canopy in the afternoon reflecting on the learning points from the morning session.

Team Effectiveness

Team Effectiveness

Our Team effectiveness programs make use of a number of AEL (Adventure related experiential learning) activities and can be for a half or full day. For your convenience the program can be run at your venue of choice (hotel, office, restaurant, etc.) Anyone can participate as no special skills, athletic ability or experience is required.

The focus is on outcomes rather than activities. Thus a tailor-made program will be developed to deal with the specific issues that your team is facing e.g. Communication, Trust, Diversity etc

Team Summit

Team Summit

Every team has the proverbial mountain to climb at some stage in its life cycle. What better way to prepare the team than to actually do it. Hike to the Serala peak 2050m above sea level on the North Eastern most part of the Drakensberg. The wilderness hike is suitable for a small Team that wants to go on a journey of self-discovery, as a process for individual and Team growth., Nature becomes your teacher. All of the components of this adventure teach us something about ourselves and our teammates. We need to set the goal (to summit the mountain), plan (what do we have to carry on our backs) ,execute (tackle the challenges), adjust to change (Nature invariably throws a curve ball), deal with hardship, persevere, celebrate milestones(check we are on track) and celebrate success (reaching the goal), Reflect , learn and grow. There is ample time to deal with all these issues and the emotions that come with them. Teams will have facilitated discussions around all the issues and team dynamics that arise through the journey and how they relate back to the work environment.

Corporate Challenge

Corporate Challenge

Our Corporate challenge is a fun mix of mental and physical challenges that requires effective team work. The team decides which activities they want to tackle according to their strengths. The aim of this challenge is to make as much money as possible for your team.  This will be done by earning money for tasks successfully completed, however, as in life and business, teamwork, productivity and efficiency is rewarded, but a lack of teamwork could lead to costly mistakes. The team will need to:

  • Have a clear goal in mind.
  • Do careful strategic planning
  • Allocate appropriate resources
  • Be efficient at implementation
  • Review and improve performance

Dirt Dash


Get dirty for the team! Take on our boot-camp type obstacle course in a team challenge that is sure to unite your team. This is a very physical but fun challenge that requires the team to navigate a muddy slippery 1km course filled with obstacles that will test your team work, tenacity and problem-solving ability.

Reality TV Challenge

Reality TV

Survivor, and Minute to Win it are fantastic, fun teambuilding interventions, if used correctly and facilitated properly, to achieve the desired outcomes. Healthy competition within teams or between teams is great as long as it is kept in context with overall company goals. We would love to run one of these activities for your team.

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